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From the time I was young child, I have been aware of a spiritual dimension to life. I was raised knowing many Biblical and Christian teachings, but as I grew up, I wondered what really was true. I also began to search for answers to some of life's basic questions:

  • Why am I here?
  • What purpose should my life have?
  • How do I find true values to live by?
Over a period of several years, I considered many different options that seemed to address the basic questions of life. I explored the teachings of the Worldwide Church of God for a time, until I found inconsistencies. I pursued my own ways, looking for satisfaction in being able to do whatever I liked until I found myself lonely and empty. I studied principles of success which explained how anyone can set goals and reach them, only to find myself not knowing what goals to pursue. Eventually it became clear to me that the true meaning of life has a spiritual answer.

Not knowing how to determine what might be true, in the fall of 1978 I began to pray, asking God to show me what was true, so that I might follow it. After praying for several weeks, a Christian businessman began discussing the Bible and its claims with me. Through these discussions and the working of the Holy Spirit, I came to the conviction that the Bible is truly God's word, and in November 1978, I committed my life to Jesus Christ. Since then life has become purposeful, and I have the inner peace that I had been looking for.

God has taken my wife and me through many interesting situations. We have been without financial resources many times and seen God supply our needs in miraculous ways. This was especially true in the years we went to Briercrest Bible College - we ran out of money in Dec. 1983, but graduated debt-free in April 1986 having paid all expenses!

The main message of my life story is this:

God does hear and answer the prayers of all who sincerely seek Him.

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